Our Staff

Physical Therapy

                                   Andy Ellis, PT   Andy Ellis obtained his Bachelors of Science in 
                                   Physical Therapy from Georgia State University.  He is the President of
                                   Rehabilitation Services of Tifton, which he opened in 1983, as well as
                                   Rehabilitation Services of Coffee, which he opened in 1995. In the past,
                                   he has served on the Georgia State Board of Physical Therapy, served
                                   on the Board of Directors of the Physical Therapy Association of
                                   Georgia, and co-chaired the Sports Medicine Seminar for 20 years.
                                   Andy is a current member of the American Physical Therapy 
                                   Association and the Physical Therapy Association of Georgia.  Andy
and his wife Pam live in Tifton and have one daughter and three sons.

                                            Cephas Gumbs, PT   Cephas Gumbs has more than 18 years
                                            experience as a physical therapist.  He is an alumnus of 
                                            Tuskegee University and Georgia State University. Since joining
                                            RST in 2003, Cephas has worked with a variety of diagnoses with
                                            emphasis on general orthopaedic and post-surgical diagnoses,
                                            sport medicine, and neurological cases. Prior to joining RST,
                                            Cephas worked in various skilled nursing home facilities in South
Georgia. Cephas strives to provide quality physical therapy that will maximize the functional
mobility and quality of life of his patients.   

                                   Pam Ellis, PTA   Pam Ellis is a licensed physical therapist assistant
                                   and has over 30 years of experience. She obtained her associate of
                                   science in physical therapy from University of Alabama at Birmingham.
                                   Pam has extensive experience in a wide variety of diagnoses and
                                   serves as RST's aquatic therapist. Pam states, "I really enjoy getting to
                                   know each patient. It is such a joy to see them doing the things they
                                   love again - without pain."  Pam enjoys spending time with family,
                                   watching sports - especially the Braves, gardening, and needlepoint.
                                   Pam and her husband Andy live in Tifton and have one daughter and
three sons. 

                                            Roxanne Tyler, PTA   Roxanne Tyler is a licensed physical
                                            therapist assistant and has been with RST for over 20 years. She
                                            obtained her associate of science in allied health from Abraham
                                            Baldwin College and her physical therapist assistant training
                                            from Thomas Technical Institute. Roxanne has experience with a
                                            wide variety of diagnoses including many orthopedic conditions.  
                                            Her goal in treating patients is to make sure they get back to 
their daily activities and the things they enjoy as quickly and safely as possible. Roxanne and
her husband and daughter live in Ocilla. She enjoys spending time with family, traveling, and
being involved with church. 

                                  Jocelyn Wall, PTA   Jocelyn Wall is a licensed physical therapist 
                                  assistant. She is a 2015 graduate of Darton State College. Jocelyn 
                                  assists with Rehab Services' aquatic therapy program. She states "I 
                                  enjoy working with my patients and getting to know them. Seeing the
                                  positive impact I have on their lives by helping them feel better and 
                                  getting back to their normal function makes my heart smile! Like the 
                                  saying goes, 'if you do what you love, you'll never have to work a day 
                                  in your life.'" Jocelyn enjoys spending time with her family. She and 
                                  has 2 sons and lives in Tifton.  

                                  Heather Garces, PTA   Heather Garces began working with our  
                                  fitness center as a student in high school. Having a passion for  
                                  helping people, Heather pursued a career as a physical therapist
                                  assistant. She is a 2017 graduate of Albany State University.  
                                  Heather feels it is rewarding to see patients achieve their goals 
                                  while working with them throughout the healing process. She is a 
                                  native of Tifton and enjoys going to the beach, spending time with
                                  family, and cheering on the Georgia Bulldogs.     

Occupational Therapy 

                                   Ron Adams, OTR/L, CHT   Ron Adams is a 1995 graduate of the 
                                   Medical College of Georgia. He is a licensed occupational therapist and
                                   is the only certified hand therapist within 25 miles of Tifton. Ron's 
                                   passion in treating patients is to see them achieve their maximum
                                   rehab potential and return to the quality of life he or she desires. Ron
                                   enjoys hunting, fishing, and spending time with his family. He and his
                                   wife are active members of their church and serve as youth leaders.
                                   Ron and his wife and two boys live in Douglas.

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                                   Brandy McKeown, OTR/L, CLT-LANA, CLWT   Brandy McKeown is 
                                   a 2000 graduate of the Medical College of Georgia. She is a licensed
                                   occupational therapist and is a certified lymphedema therapist a certified
                                   wound therapist. Brandy states, "It is very gratifying to help a patient who
                                   didn't even think there was help available. It is the best feeling to know
                                   that I help people live full and productive lives." Brandy enjoys yard work
                                   and traveling and is an active member of her church. She, her husband,
                                   daughter, and son live in Tifton.  

                                   Donna Case, COTA/L, CLWT   Donna Case is a 2011 graduate of
                                   Darton College's Occupational Therapy Assistant program. She is a
                                   licensed occupational therapy assistant and certified wound therapist.
                                   One of her favorite quotes is "Life is meant to be lived, but if we live 
                                   without making a difference it makes no difference that we lived." She
                                   loves making a positive difference in her patients' lives. Donna has a
                                   passion for treating patients with lymphedema. As a one-time patient
                                   herself, she has empathy for her patients. Donna lives in Tifton and 
                                   enjoys traveling, photography, scrapbooking, helping out in the family
                                   cake shop, and spending time with her family, friends, and pets. 

                                   Jill Peters, COTA/L   Jill Peters is a licensed occupational therapy 
                                   She is a 2012 graduate of Darton College's Occupational Therapy 
                                   Assistant program. Jill states, "I enjoy getting to know my patients  
                                   and helping them feel good about themselves - physically and 
                                   emotionally."  Jill is originally from Beloit, Wisconsin and enjoys 
                                   "junkin'", refinishing furniture, painting, and gardening.  

Speech Therapy

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Fitness & Wellness

                                            John Davis, ATC   John Davis is a 1999 graduate of Georgia 
                                            Southwestern State University, where he obtained his bachelor of 
                                            science in education. John's major was in exercise science, with 
                                            an emphasis in sports medicine. He is a board certified athletic 
                                            trainer. He and his wife live in Tifton. 

Support Staff

Rehabilitation Services of Tifton has a strong support staff to ensure that you have a positive experience with all aspects of your treatment.  Some of the support staff's duties include aiding therapists, scheduling, helping fitness members, filing insurance, and conducting day-to-day operations.       
1488 Old Ocilla Road
Tifton, GA 31794

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Cephas Gumbs, PT
John Davis, ATC
Roxanne Tyler, PTA
Pam Ellis, PTA
Ron Adams, OTR/L, CHT

Brandy McKeown, OTR/L, CLT-LANA
Andy Ellis, PT
Brandy McKeown, OTR/L, CLT-LANA