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Payment is due at the time services are rendered.  We accept:  
     Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express
     Personal Check 
     Money Order 

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You will be financially responsible for 20% of the amount allowed by Medicare after you satisfy your deductible.  If you have a supplemental policy such as AARP, they will likely pay the 20% after you satisfy any applicable deductibles and out of pocket expenses.  Medicare patients will be financially responsible for supplies.  We will notify you in writing of the cost before you receive any supply. 

Workers' Compensation
Payment for treatment under workers' compensation requires authorization.  To help us obtain authorization for your treatment, please provide us with the name of the company where the injury occurred, the name of the person we would contact to verify that it was a work injury, and the phone number of this person.  You will be asked to give a brief description of how you were injured and the date the injury occurred. The following information is also helpful: claim number, adjustor's name, adjustor's phone number, name of workers' compensation company, and claims billing address. 

Our company participates with most major networks including (but not limited to) Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Aetna, and Medicare.   

As a courtesy to you, our patient, Rehabilitation Services gladly submits insurance claims directly to the insurance company on your behalf. We strongly encourage you to contact your insurance company prior to your appointment! Call the customer service number on the back of your insurance card.  You should check for the following: 
          Network coverage: Out of pocket costs are generally less when you use a participating ("in-network") provider.  Ask the customer service representative to search for Rehabilitation Services of Tifton, Inc and/or the individual therapist to verify network coverage. 
          Out of pocket costs: All types of insurance plans designate a portion of the bill for which the patient is responsible.  You may be responsible for a deductible (a dollar amount that you must pay each year before insurance will start paying), co-payment (a set dollar amount that you are expected to pay at each visit), and/or a coinsurance (a percent of the allowable amount that you are responsible for).  
          Covered services: Each insurance plan determines which medical services it will or will not cover. Ask your insurance company if the outpatient therapy you are about to receive is covered under your plan for your diagnosis.  You will be responsible for paying for those services not allowed under your plan. 
          Pre-certification: Some insurance plans require that you be referred for services by your primary care physician and/or be pre-certified.  You are responsible for insurance plan requirements such as referral forms, pre-certifications, and the use of in-network providers.  

As an outpatient facility, we can only accept Medicaid for patients who have Medicare as their primary payer OR who are under the age of 21.  Medicaid and Peach State patients are in most cases only financially responsible for supplies.  We will notify you in writing of the cost before you receive any supply. We do not accept WellCare patients. 

Third Party Liability 
If you were injured in an automobile or other accident, another party may be responsible for the costs of your medical care.  However, the patient is ultimately held responsible for the bill.  Therefore, you should make payments on your account until the third party begins paying or a settlement is reached.

Self Pay 
Through a commitment to our community, negotiated payment terms are possible for patients who may be in need of therapy services but lack insurance coverage.  


Statements are printed around the 16th of each month.  Statements only include services that have already been processed by insurance.   

To avoid finance charges, simply make a payment by the 15th of the month. Please indicate your account number on your personal check. 
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